Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, you can ask one of our flight-case experts and receive a personal answer. The answers to questions that are submitted regularly are published below.


What determines the quality of a flight case? The quality of a flight case depends on three aspects: the plating, the components and the assembly. Professional flight-case producers use only high-quality plating and flight-case components from renowned manufacturers such as Penn Elcom.


What are flight cases used for? Flight cases are particularly used in the lighting and sound industry, e.g. for the transport of audio equipment for events. Nowadays, flight cases are used for more and more purposes, for example, for transporting measuring equipment, computers, LED screens, tools, machine components, weapons and medical equipment.


What is a flight-case interior? The term 'interior' refers to the finishing inside the flight case. This may be, for example, a pyramid-foam interior with partitions to create separate compartments. Depending on the intended use of the flight case, you can also opt for pre-milled foam interiors, e.g. for a guitar case or toolbox.


How can I make my flight case recognisable? There are many different options available to ensure that the sender of the flight case is clear to see. For example, you can stick a tour label on the outside – a plastic name plate upon which you can record the sender, contents and destination with a marker pen. It is also possible to add lettering to flight cases using stickers.