The Flight Case Bed

February 27, 2012 -

Being in a rock band has all the perfect ingredients to spark off insomnia; late nights, going to bed at different times... you get the picture. Al Holland, guitarist with the Kent based band Kaleidophone, suffered from the condition for months, driving his family mad with midnight paces around the house. It soon became clear that the only time he could sleep well was while touring, and after years of traveling the length and breadth of the country it becomes almost second nature. The Flight Case Company heard about his story, and after listening to the band's album, decided to get involved and create a flight case that acts as a king size bed when folded out.

"We supply flight cases to all the major rock bands all across the world," said a Flight Case Company spokesperson, "but this is the first flight case bed we've made - it's one of a kind. We think Kaleidophone are a breath of fresh air in the rock scene and if sleep is what they need to get to the top then we are happy to endorse them all the way"

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